New Classes for 2014 at Mission Savvy

Cafe Crackers Class rescheduled for March 22 1-3 p.m.

Get LIfe from your Food Workshop Nov 1 and 2

*GET LIFE FROM YOUR FOOD* Workshop & Weekend Course ::
Friday Nov 1st - Saturday Nov 2nd [$300]
Learn about the healing benefits of food &
how to feel more alive, energetic & healthy just by eating right.
ENROLL @ / 304-343-4253

New Classes at Mission Savvy


Sally Miller of Eats of Eden  
will present the following classes at  
Mission Savvy

"Cafe Crackers"
Wednesday, October 23rd
6:30 p.m. til 8:00 p.m.
$ 60.00 

 "Get Life from your Food"
Friday, November 1st 
6:-00 p.m. til 8:30 p.m.
Saturday, November 2nd  
10:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m.
$ 300.00 

Watch for details from Mission Savvy or call the Cafe to get 

more information.  Space is limited. All classes will be 

taught at Mission Savvy's new space at 807 Quarrier Street, 

downtown Charleston. 

Registration for "Cafe Crackers" is due October 19th 

Registration for "Get LIfe from your Food" class is due 

October 25th 

WV Sales tax will be added to the fees above.  

Free parking at meters after 6 p.m. or at Spiros Parking 

Lot on Dickinson Street 


 Mission Savvy  202 Hale Street  Charleston, WV  25301  304-343-4253 

Win a 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse 
Buy a one day juice cleanse 
for $48.00 at Mission Savvy
Organic to Go Cafe and get
entered to win a 3 day
monitored raw food cleanse
 worth $ 245.00
offer extended to June 15th
cleanse must be booked and completed by
September 30, 2013 
all one day juice cleanses require a 24 hour lead time 

202 Hale Street  Charleston, WV 25301 

An educational experience that will change your life 
Presented by: Sally Miller, B.S., N.E.

Living Foods is a philosophy that believes all enzymes, vitamins and
minerals that the body needs to heal and maintain optimal health are
found within the foods that we eat.  Proper food preparation is the key
to unlocking these life-giving and healing nutrients

Raw food spread 

Two sessions provide an informative and fun-filled weekend!
Friday 5:30 - 9:00  p.m.
Focuses on the four main foods for healing based on the
  "Ann Wigmore" program. We discuss blending and fermenting 
food and important Super foods to add to your diet.  

Saturday 10:00- 3:30 p.m.
Focuses on food selection and shopping.  You will receive a book 
of recipes to prepare at home.  Food demonstrations will be provided
 on Saturday.  All food available for tasting is prepared in a commercial

We will learn what food ingredients you will need to replace dairy, 
eggs, animal products, refined sugar and flour, and gluten foods and 
learn important information about our organic fruit and vegetable selections.
Where and how to shop is included in this Session, as well as how to set
up your kitchen for easy food preparation without using your oven or
microwave.  You will be surprised at how Live Foods wake up your taste
buds! A variety of food will be available for tasting. You will not go away

This 9-hour workshop is offered in a private home in Charleston. 
The tuition is $265.00, plus sales tax, totaling, $ 280.90   Tuition
 includes instructor's time, recipes, class manual as well as food 
throughout the weekend. 
Please make checks payable to "Eats of Eden". Charge cards will be 
accepted at the store at 202 Hale Street, downtown Charleston with a
5% surcharge added to the total cost.

Reservation and payment are due one week before the class 2/1/2013. 
Given the nature of food preparation and supplies necessary for the class,
there can be no refund upon cancellation of your spot and payment must be
received before the class.  Equipment and book purchases, as well as product
at the cafe are 10% off on the day of the class.  The Mission Savvy Organic 
to Go Cafe will remain open until 7 p.m. on Saturday 2/9/2013.

This class will get you started on the best approach to staying healthy
and living longer. There is currently no other class like it in this vicinity.
Space is limited so reserve your spot now! Contact Sally Miller at  or 304/744-8748 to coordinate your
payment and location details.
For more information about Raw Foods or Eats of Eden visit me Visit the Mission Savvy Cafe
@ 202 Hale Street, downtown Charleston.   304-343-4253 

3 Day and 5 Day "Living in the Real World" Cleanses
Juice cleanse
We have begun offering 3 Day and 5 Day Cleanses
at Mission Savvy Organic to Go.  Each package is 
designed to guide the client through a detox of the 
body in a different way.  The 3 Day Cleanse is a faster, 
more energy driven cleanse where the client receives
 raw juices, smoothies, soups, salads and superfoods.  

The 5 Day cleanse has raw entrees added to the package
and allows the client to take more time to detox and balance
 their body.
I monitor the cleanses and offer the client a 30 minute Intake and a 30 minute 
Outtake, giving suggestions to continue on with the cleanse and to move into a healthier
 way of eating.  Each person that experiences a cleanse 
with us is offered 10% off a private consult or my 9 hour "Get Life from your food class", 
if they would like to continue exploring raw/vegan/cooked/healthy food choices.  
My private consults are designed to specifically address the individual's needs,
while my classes are an overview of information about the lifestyle.
3 Day Cleanse $ 245.00
5 Day Cleanse $ 375.00
Details of Cleanses can be found at

 Omega Juicer

Buy a Juicer, get a free juicing class
Buy a Juicer from Mission Savvy and get a free juicing class. 
Classes will be offered through out the year.  These classes will be open
 to the public for a fee, but our Juicer customers will receive the first spots. 
We arestill offering the special through the end of January to win a free 
Omega Juicer with the purchase of $ 100.00 in one day at the Cafe.  
The purchase may include product or take out food, as well as 
Mission Savvy clothing at 

Interested in more classes?  Join the Eats of Eden mailing list or 
Facebook Fan Page 
for class dates and nutritional information.  If you are interested in the 
Breads and Crackers Class, Sprouting Class, or Just Desserts class, 
let me know so that we can set a date that works for you! 
 (raw foods background is important).
Sally Miller
Nutritional Educator