New Class Series starts in August

Nutrition Through Food Series  $75.00/Seminar
August 4, 6-8PM : "Cancer Control"
Prevention, treatment and recovery
 August 11, 6-8PM : "Blood Sugar Stability"
Overcoming fatigue and managing stress
 August 18, 6-8PM : "Detoxification and
 Digestive Wellness"
Gluten free, dairy and sugar free eating
 August 25, 6-8PM : "Natural Hormone Balance"
Managing weight, mood and menopause
September 3, 6-8 PM: "Nutrition Intervention
 for Healing our Children"
Cleaning up at home and making better choices
for your family
All classes include nutritional education,
class binder with recipes,
 and hands on food preparation.

September 13th
 "Cafe Crackers" 
Are you in love with the crackers Mission Savvy offers
at the cafe? They are so easy to make at home! Learn
 how to prepare our raw-vegan-gluten free selection of
 crackers including pizza flax, chee"z"e-its, breadsticks,
 blue corn masa tortilla chips!
September 29th
 "Cafe Breads" 
This is a great class for anyone looking for an easy way
 to replace ordinary bread. All of the breads you will learn
 in this workshop are raw and sprouted, which means that
 they are full of live enzymes and nutrients, and gluten free.
Recipes will include pizza crusts, sandwich wraps,  breakfast
 breads and more

October 29th
"Cafe Cheeses" 
 Get hands on making all kinds of raw-vegan cheeses! Use
 a variety of plants, nuts and seeds to create gourmet cheeses
 to top sandwiches, pizza, crackers and more. We will specially
go over what Mission Savvy uses in it's recipes including cashew
 cheese, pumpkin seed cheese, cottage cheese and whip!
October 17th and 18th
"Get Life From Your Food"
Part 1: Friday 6-8:30PM  "Healing and Superfoods"
Learn what superfoods are and how they help our bodies
and the best ways to use them.
Part 2: Saturday 10AM-Noon "How-To: Shop, Equip and
 Get Going!"
Get your kitchen ready for a new way of cooking. Also,
enjoy a raw breakfast on us!
Part 3: Saturday 2-4:30PM "Lunch and Dinner in the Raw"
Put your new chef skills to work as you learn how to make
 a variety of raw foods. Meal included, dine in at Mission Savvy's
 Plant Lab or take home.
Recovery through Nutrition Series
August 4, 6-8 PM: Cancer Control $ 75.00
August 11, 6-8 PM: Blood Sugar Stability $ 75.00
August18, 6-8 PM:  Detoxification and Digestion $ 75.00
August 25, 6-8 PM: Natural Hormone Balance $ 75.00
September 3, 6-8 PM: Healing our Children $ 75.0
Culinary Workshops
September 13, 12-2PM : Cafe Crackers $65.00
Sept 29, 6-8PM : Cafe Breads $65.00
Oct 29, 6-8PM: Café Cheese and Pates $ 85.00
Complete Weekend Course
(10% Discount for signing up for all 3!)
Oct 17, 6-8:30PM : Weekend Course Part 1 $75.00
 Oct 18, 10AM-Noon : Weekend Course Part 2 $120.00
 Oct 18, 2-4:30PM : Weekend Course Part 3 $135.00
Complete weekend 10% off $ 297.00
All classes are presented at the Plant Lab,
807 Quarrier Street in downtown Charleston.
They will be taught by Sally Miller, certified
Nutrition Educator.
There are class minumums and maximums.  Please
register early and be aware that classes may not go
 if the minimum is not met.
 Please register at Mission Savvy Café and Juice Bar
 202 Hale Street, Charleston, WV 25301, 304-343-4253
or register online at   Thanks!

New Classes for 2014 at Mission Savvy

Cafe Crackers Class rescheduled for March 22 1-3 p.m.

Get LIfe from your Food Workshop Nov 1 and 2

*GET LIFE FROM YOUR FOOD* Workshop & Weekend Course ::
Friday Nov 1st - Saturday Nov 2nd [$300]
Learn about the healing benefits of food &
how to feel more alive, energetic & healthy just by eating right.
ENROLL @ / 304-343-4253

New Classes at Mission Savvy


Sally Miller of Eats of Eden  
will present the following classes at  
Mission Savvy

"Cafe Crackers"
Wednesday, October 23rd
6:30 p.m. til 8:00 p.m.
$ 60.00 

 "Get Life from your Food"
Friday, November 1st 
6:-00 p.m. til 8:30 p.m.
Saturday, November 2nd  
10:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m.
$ 300.00 

Watch for details from Mission Savvy or call the Cafe to get 

more information.  Space is limited. All classes will be 

taught at Mission Savvy's new space at 807 Quarrier Street, 

downtown Charleston. 

Registration for "Cafe Crackers" is due October 19th 

Registration for "Get LIfe from your Food" class is due 

October 25th 

WV Sales tax will be added to the fees above.  

Free parking at meters after 6 p.m. or at Spiros Parking 

Lot on Dickinson Street 


 Mission Savvy  202 Hale Street  Charleston, WV  25301  304-343-4253 

Win a 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse 
Buy a one day juice cleanse 
for $48.00 at Mission Savvy
Organic to Go Cafe and get
entered to win a 3 day
monitored raw food cleanse
 worth $ 245.00
offer extended to June 15th
cleanse must be booked and completed by
September 30, 2013 
all one day juice cleanses require a 24 hour lead time 

202 Hale Street  Charleston, WV 25301