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"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." - Hippocrates


Sally Miller, Nutritional Educator, graduate of Bauman College School of Nutrition and owner of Eats of Eden Nutrition Consulting has been teaching holistic nutrition for more than 20 years. She has helped individuals with diet and lifestyle choices to better serve their current health condition through the  healing power of food.  She has coached some of the toughest non-believers into caring for their bodies. Sally offers individual coaching and group classes. She can help you incorporate healthy food habits into your everyday lifestyle. 



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Living Foods is a philosophy that has been around for a long time that focuses on the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to heal and maintain optimal health. These are all found in the foods we eat. Proper food preparation is the key to unlocking these life-giving and healing nutrients.


With Sally, learn what plant based foods can replace dairy, eggs, animal products, refined sugar, flour and gluten. Also learn important tips about organic fruit and vegetables - where and how to shop.


Got this, but struggling with how to make your kitchen a healthy reality? Learn how to easily set up your kitchen for food preparation without using a microwave or oven. Be surprised by how Live Foods wake up your taste buds and how great you feel! 


Never go hungry.

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How can nutritional education help you? Message Sally. 


Your Greatest Self.


Putting the right energy into your body with real, healthy foods, gives your body the energy it needs to operate on all burners. We all know this, however one of the most difficult things for us as crazy busy human beings is that we don't follow our own advice. And most of the time it is difficult to make changes. 


Invest in yourself. Learn how to make these changes easily so that they are sustainable and realistic. Give up the fad diets and make a real change that over time, will no longer be a change. It will become the way you live because it is the only way your body wants to live. 

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Sally Miller, Holistic Nutritional Educator

"I started seeing Sally after I was diagnosed with a stomach disorder.  I was constantly sick and at a loss as to how to take care of my body.  I was hopeless.  I felt like my mental and physical health were suffering.  Once I started seeing Sally, everything felt more clear.  It took some time to adjust to a new life of eating to nourish mind and body and not just mindless eating.  Sally taught me that everything we put in our bodies is directly connected to how we feel about the world around us.  I now follow a pescatarian lifestyle and I've never felt so good.  While my stomach disorder still exists within, I am able to take care of my body and lead it in the direction of healing.  In more ways than one, Sally saved my life.  She helped guide me down the road to total health."  


Cayte Vigilante




"I was referred to Sally Miller by a friend who attended one of her classes.  I found an abundance of helpful information on her website.  I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, increased weight and high triglycerides.  I wanted to change my diet and exercise regimen, but I wasn't sure where to begin.  

I contacted Sally and she was quick to respond with encouragement.  I scheduled a meeting with her and she reviewed a new meal plan with me and how to make healthier meal choices.  I saw results within one month after implementing these changes.  Both my weight and my blood pressure decreased.  

Sally has been very helpful and a true blessing in enabling me to live a healthier life.  She is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in her field.  

I can't thank her enough for her assistance."  

Amy Fizer

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