Since writing this article in 2017, I have discovered a new way to grow microgreens that is easy and efficient.  I have ordered and am using the Hamama grow system which is pictured below.  It is a small system for one or two people.  You can order a bamboo or ceramic...

My Irish roots are tied to my maternal grandparents who emigrated from Ireland in the late 19th century.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania became their new home and St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated each year with what I knew to be traditional food and decorations. 

In 2008...

Hearts are everywhere this month of February.  They are an outward symbol of what makes life possible.    

The American Heart Association has chosen the month of February to raise awareness about heart health; urging those around you to prevent heart dise...

More and more people are deciding to give up dairy products.  There are plenty of reasons to do so, ranging from milk allergies and lactose intolerance to ethical principles. 

There are even choices about what to call milk that doesn't come from cows - or any other...

December 19, 2019

'Tis the season - let the baking begin!

Baking in the Western diet today is centered on many forms of the very same thing:  sugar.

From the refined carbohydrates of junk foods to breads, pastas, fruit and juices, sugar makes up most of what we eat in the Western world, e...

November 21, 2019

Above all seasons, fall is the season of colors.  Watching the leaves on the trees turn from green to gorgeous colors of red, orange, yellow and sometimes purple is breathtaking, especially in our beloved West Virginia Mountains. 

I often think of the festive fall...

November 14, 2019

It is crucial to begin the day with a good breakfast.  Each night as you sleep, the body repairs itself.  This repair process uses up the body’s store of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients.  We wake up depleted and, unless we replenish lost nutrie...

September 29, 2019

When I made the Mexican corn salad and took the photo I immediately thought of confetti.  The colors of white corn, red pepper, red onion, red cabbage and green parsley looked good enough to toss at a wedding!

I started thinking about celebrations and how we have much t...

I am always intrigued by books that provide options for people who have allergies to certain foods or choose to make ethical choices about their food consumption. I also find it interesting to know why someone takes the path to an alternative approach to eating. 

I was...

I have quite a few healing tools in my toolbox.  My shopping list and my kitchen are two very important ones.  If you have a garden, you can add that to the healing toolbox as well. 

Summer is the right time to begin to introduce more vegetables and greens int...

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June 3, 2020

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