Sally is available to answer any questions you have. Let's start there.

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Everyone is unique and there is a plan for you. Sally will help you understand how nutrition fits into your life through one of the individually designed coaching plans. 



Do you believe that it is possible for you to live happy, healthy and fully aware of what your body needs? Do you believe that you can be in control of creating a lifestyle that fits your health? If so this program is for you. See offerings below to get started.




Packages For Better Health.


Get A Boost! Learn more about how Holistic Nutrition applies to you.

Questions about organic food, eating healthy, superfoods, plant based lifestyle, allergies and others will be answered during this one-on-one session with Sally.  


It's All About Making It Happen.

This is an in depth evaluation of your current lifestyle and health. Sally's research and assessment will provide you with an action plan and clear steps towards an improved daily routine and ultimately future better health. In a series of two sessions you will provide Sally with requested forms revealing food intake, macro & micro nutrient intake, digestive function, possible deficiencies, exposure to toxins, health history and more. With this information Sally will be able to help you become an advocate for your personal health on your own. 




One on one Recipe Class 

Learn how to make recipes that fit your needs. (Time and cost varies) See list of choices on Workshops and Classes page.  Includes class manual and recipes. 

1 Hour Consult, Evaluation and Recommendations 

This is a great way to allow Sally to gather information from you so that she can provide an evaluation and next steps for your wellbeing.

Individual consult on current supplements and medications.  

Gain a better understand of how what you are putting into your body is impacting your health. 





Diet tracking and food intake evaluation.    

Let me track your food intake for 10 days and provide you with a report of nutrients that you are consuming and lifestyle choices that you are making. 


Grocery Store Tour                                                                                                     

I will accompany you to the grocery store and suggest food to buy and food to leave behind.  One hour, one store.  Additional stores can be added.