All services are provided by Sally Miller.  If you would like to meet with Sally in person please schedule an appointment or send any questions you may have to her directly.  Contact me for a free 15 minute discussion to see if this approach would be best for you.  Send your email and question below for an individual response by Sally. 

Sally Miller, B.S., N.E.

Certified Nutritional Educator

Bauman College School of Holistic Nutrition​


I strive to educate people about healthier choices in their selection of food, physical exercise and spiritual practices. Everyone is unique, and your personal health and well-being is important to me. I have been affected by  cancer and thyroid disease and I would like to share with you how I have learned to live medicine free in a healthier body. My clients come from diverse backgrounds, including challenges with diabetes, weight loss and autoimmune disease. I enjoy teaching an alternative approach to healing and understanding bio-individuality as a method to helping each person find their best solution. 


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Tel: 304-549-5349


I learned to buy fresh and organic food, eat raw as much as possible and skip anything that is processed.


Kathy Lawson